Utility Billing Research

At Entrata, internal Utility Billing Specialists utilize custom tools to process utility bills, manage expenses, and implement new properties onto the platform. The average implementation would take around 12 hours between six to ten specialists, causing massive hold-ups in the implementation process. This was resulting in the loss of customers.

The goal was to decrease the amount of time it would take to implement a property and increase the output of individual specialists. In order to accomplish this, we needed to understand how these specialists utilized Entrata's internal tools and the most efficient methods for implementing properties.

I led the primary user research on the project, utilizing research methods such as user interviews, shadowing, card sorting, data queries and usability testing. To advocate for collaboration and design thinking, I actively invited many project stakeholders to participate during these research exercises. The results we collected as a team gave valuable insights to know where we needed to prioritize our time to make the most impact. 

Research (qualitative/quantitative)
Usability testing

1 UX Designer
1 SVP of Product
1 Director of Engineering
1 Software Development Manager
1 Director of Implementation